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... The World changes, the climate changes, the technology changes, the people change, but our economic model remains in the same place...

Through the ZEROCO2 Project, we want to transform one of the greatest challenges of our time "Climate Change" into a great opportunity to promote a new Model of Zonal Development, which will take advantage of the full potential of clean technologies, internet, blockchain and other technologies, to involve millions of people from different Zones all over the World in the Construction of a Prosperous, Clean and Zero Carbon Future. A future where the value is created and distributed by millions of people, entrepreneurs, creatives, innovators, organizations and not by a handful of large companies.

To achieve this, we are developing a new Platform that will activate the productive capacity of all people, companies and residents, to connect them and integrate them into the production system and give them access to tools, technological solutions and a new "Token" Digital Currency, which will allow all types of transactions to be carried out directly, reliably and safely, with other members (people, businesses, companies and organizations) in the zone and other connected zones.

This, we believe, is the necessary previous step that we must take to promote the construction of a new model of sustainable development, since by activating the capacity of all the members of the community and "the capacity of the zone", we are generating an economic direct impact, driving business in the area, job creation, collaboration among equals, creativity and innovation, the generation and distribution of wealth, and zonal awareness. It will also allow us to make more efficient use of resources and our own available potential, making unique our community, "our zone".

The World faces great challenges, which will test our ability to reinvent ourselves, collaborate and work together in the construction of a better future for all. 


SIGN UP. We invite you to sign up, join your capacity and your area’s. Doing so will help us build a new global ecosystem, and will illuminate our virtual map, activating your area.

With this registry, it will also allow us to keep you updated of the progress of the platform and applications, its solutions in development, activated zones, activities, events, news, articles and activated projects to which you will have access.


Any individual or legal entity, independent, entrepreneurs, employees, small businesses, micro-enterprises, SME’s, large companies, organizations, NGO’s, all the community members over 18 years. All those who accept the conditions at the time of registration. 

Important: in our registration system we have enabled a space for you to indicate us, in addition to your contact information and area of residence, depending on whether you are a natural or legal person, your interests, motivations, economic activity (personal or about your business, company, organization).


Some of the benefits that you will be able to access and that we will inform you the activation in time, are: 

- You will have access to a new digital currency (zonal tokens) and how to make transactions from your phone or PC, with other members of your zone or members of other zones connected through the platform. 

- You will have access to a personal account that will allow you to conduct transactions directly, safely and without intermediaries. You will not need a bank account or card. 

- You will have access to a new way to boost your personal activity, business and collaborate with the economic development of your area and other connected, "activated" through the platform. 

- You will have access to relevant information from other services, businesses and solutions promoted by third parties or through the ZEROCO2 project, such as in the areas of energy and sharing mobility. 

- Many others, that we will inform through the newsletter. 

4.- SIGN UP, drive your area, invite your friends, neighbors and all the community members to be part of the Change: ZEROCO2.WORLD





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